[UN]fairy tale of mine

A couple of days ago a person I follow on twitter posted: “It is tough when you find out life is not a fairy tale.” I couldn’t hold myself and answered “Tough it is still a story. Make it special and make it your own.”  I know… I know! It is a too romantic point of view. But that is what I am, I believe in love  – I should’ve said endless love – and all the things that come with it. Yeah! These girls still exist… one in a million of course.

So, since then I have this sentence in my head. Life is tough. I could easily add that is not fair, even better not fairy, it is struggling, crazy but totally worthy. I have been wondering what kind of story is mine. I actually don’t know. But I want it to be the kind of story you want to tell you grandchildren and great grandchildren, the kind you can hear a thousand times. I want to make it special.

I try to enjoy every single moment, because the great things in life are always the simple things… I heard it in a song and lived it everyday . Also as any young person I got to think that I never have time enough and I am always in a hurry. I’ve got to know with a poet that there will be time enough for decisions ans indecisions, visions and revisions then I will find time in a minute. And with time I will realize how a song can change my mood; or how I can make up stories just by taking a look at the sky; or how one word can make me smile… These things make my story special, quite unique. Most of all I can’t forget that the  One who created me did it for a purpose, and He made me the way I am so I could live my story the way it is supposed to be. Life is certainly not fairy, it is quite realistic. Mine is a interesting – one of a kind – special – and definitely unfairy  tale. But I try hard to make it worthy living day by day, maybe even making it fairy for me.


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