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Alright! I’m a girl and as any girl in the world I can think-do-speak-and whatever else about so many things at one time. I’m back from vacation and I do have lots and lots of things to tell… Where should I start? [Btw this is going to be a biiiggg post, don;t go on if you’re not feeling like] December was sort of weird! For some reason I was still waiting to see some real winter. So, every Saturday I felt like going ice skating as I did before except for I’m living under a hot as hell sun that melts me every single morning. I can tell it was sort of frustrating, although I did many cool things as: crossing part of a lake swimming just to jump from a platform[moment of insanity] or riding a jet ski or staying ALL DAY LONG at home just to read. Yeah! I know it wasn’t THAT cool, but I had fun. X-mas came then New Year’s eve and things got lit bit worse. After all what’s that without snow??? BUt I got through it again with my head up high. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. Finally January came and the countdown with it. ACUÍPE was coming to me. The trip was awesome and tiresome and lotofthings-some. I got my color back after a week of tanning, I met so many friends that I’ve been missing. It was more than I could ask for actually thanks to my friends. It was like screaming DUTCH BLITZ after the faster and most complicated Blitz match. It was something from laughing out loud to crying as a baby… Do you know the feeling when you feel like your vacation just started and things are getting perfect then you remeber: Holly Cow! I work tomorrow morning? YEAH! RIGHT! Not really enjoyable thought… Maybe a little, after all kids a fun too. Then back to work I finally got my kids groups [when I say kids I mean little little kids]. I was so excited. I do love kids they make my day happier no matter what. Then the classes started, I found out I got some RHS(really hard stds) BUT THAT’S OKAY! I can handle them. My first kids group was freaking cute and smart. THEN… tan tan tan tan… drum’s roll Today came, and I had the most cute and funny kids group until 5 of 9 started to cry. I WANT MY MOM! That was what they were saying [I’m really thinking about teaching them that sentence in English, at least they would practice a lot.] For real, it freaked me out! I thought to myself: Who thought I could handle it? My helper[ Debs I couldn’t make it without u] helped me so much. 4 teachers were there to calm them down. After couple of endless minutes SOME of them were okay coloring – happy – no crying. But I still had couple of them sort of frustrating. With all the mess going on I felt unable to do it. For a moment I felt as I could not teach them. But at the same time I really wanted to do it. Take the challenge. I can’t lie I loved them. Harder it is more I’ll like it. After the class one of the boys came back to show his classroom to his family and show their teachers… this is priceless. Oh! How did I forget about it??? Also this afternoon one of my classes was recorded for a kinda famous-really famous- channel. Yes! This all happened to me today. And it’s just the beginning of the semester. Big long freaking day. And my classes at university didn’t even start. [ah! I got a new job too I’m teaching in another regular school – I would say it’s different, funny, but different. I liked it tough.] Interesting Interesting Year. Welcoming myself to 2010. I didn’t eve get to the homehood thing or … forget it. I’ll tell it another day.


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