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Their life time

He used to wonder that he still had a life time. That’s all she knew for sure about him when she realized it was him. She used to wonder with who she would spend her life time. Somehow since she was a little girl, she knew where, when and how she wanted to fall for someone. Apparently the time was in a hurry and it tried to make her love when it was not time. But she knew the time was still about to come.
One day she got to be in the Place, by the time she wanted to be. Nevertheless, time had passed and she was not as excited about it as she used to be. Maybe, I could even say she had forgotten it. But the day came, and she was sitting on a chair in a living room, when he appeared. He was an old friend, but for a moment everything seemed new. He looked at her and for a moment she felt he looked at her soul and he knew everything on her mind.
From old friends they became best friends. They enjoyed every moment together. Their friendship were one of the most important things they had. They talked, made jokes, gave presents, blushed. She was now awaken, for all the certainty she had before about her love. It seemed clear to her that the love worthy fighting for is the one that she could win. She was fighting with all her heart. And the battle could be won in no time.
He was amazed with her. Her words were as a love song to his ears. He looked deeply at her eyes and faced the beauty of her being. He was sure that he wanted to spend his life time loving her every single day as it was the last one. She was sure that she would spend her life with him. And that was all she knew about them. Their lives were one now. A love time had come for them to spent as they wondered.


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