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So freaky totally wicked cool xD

Okay Guys! After all these months I’m definitely speaking english as a Selena Lovato Cyrus girl =) It’s not that I never spoke slangs or created some funny expressions… But anyways…

The good thing about it is that finnaly I think I can express in words how it is to be in Harvard! It is so to die for when your in the subway and then you take off in HARVARD SQUARE, and then everybody looks at you with a whataforeigngirlisdoinginharvardsquare face! HAUHAUHAUAHAU!!!!!!

Cambridge is the city of any student’s dreams. All the bistros, bookstores, libraries, restaurants, not to mention the parks and any other space where people can get together, it is just so freaky wicked cool! You can see all kinds of people – I mean ALL kinds – from funny japanese guy playin’ the guitar in the middle of the crowd to hiphop crew to even a kindageekfunnyfashionbrazilianstyle girl reading Mansfield Park.

And tell me about the classes! The teachers are great, the level is as high as the sky which means lots of study = millions of homework. Oh YEAH! That’s the boring part! I hate homeworks and americans love it! They try to measure your intelligence with homework. I’m def not the homework girl you know… so…. Anyways, I can handle it =) 

So I’m so enjoying it! Actually I’M FREAKING OUT! And I do it everytime I’m there… There’s this table in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of GREAT books  on it, all of them fro 4,5 or 6 dollars. That’s sick! After all people come to me and ask: How can you buy so many books there? Well,that’s is how! It’s been 5 weeks I buy  1 or 2 books every weekend ¬¬ I am so  bookahoolic!

That’s all folk! I just wanted you to know that I’m having lots of fun and so freaky totally wicked crazy cool moments =)





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