I don`t know if every one knows it, but, I`m in the USA! Yeah! That sounds really good, doens`t it?! Nevertheless, if you think a little bit more about it, you will probably realize that it means that I had left a lot of things in Brazil too. I left the greatest best friends that I could ever got in the whole world, but I didn`t leave the friendship; I left the most beautiful family that God could ever gave me, but I took the care; I left my grandma and my dearest aunt, but I didn`t leave what they have taght me; I left my one thousand utilities, that means Li, but I brought with me every single special moment and word that I got from her; I left some friends that I didn`t expect, but I didn`t leave what they made me feel.

That is why I`m not feeling really bad, after all I`m not without you, in fact you all were what gave me courage and maturity to come in, and you`re here with me, in every memory.  I feel that all of the last tough 5 years were to prepare me to this.  God loved in a way that He prepared each step to reach a goal, and believe me: if you think that is huge enough to be a goal… that`s not. He`s goal is to make me just like him, that is pretty huge.

And do you know what He did? He put me in a family that doens`t really care about him, and fulled my heart with all of the passion that I could ever have about him, He gave  me a thankful heart so in every moment I can show them His life. I can show them what He had done for me.

And do you know what? I`m with people that doens`t know anything about me, unless some few information that I gave. So they don`t  have any stereotype, and pre ideas about me. And this is when my faith will be proved and approved, for, I have to show them not who I am, but who He is, all the time.

Because of it, I can`t stop to think about you guys, each of you, but I have to say – forgive if I`m little bit insentive – I don`t miss you. And Do you know why??? Because every single minute I remember what I have learnt with you, what you would be telling me, how He had used you in my life. So, I cannot be sad, because this is the moment that I realized how He had loved me through your lives. My memories about you help me to keep going, not to want to go back, I mean not now but only in the right moment 🙂 . It makes me wake up each morning and say: Thank you Lord!

I hope you understand how much I love you all, and how important you are for me.



3 Responses to “Insensitive”

  1. 1 SarINHA July 14, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    e de novo… vc me fez…

    e lah vou eu traduzir pra nega! heheh


  2. 2 Mila July 28, 2008 at 4:35 pm

    Insensitive?! Sei…


  3. 3 Layana July 31, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    Oi Carol, É Lay!

    Tenho acompanhado suas fotos no orkut e seus textos. Vejo que está tudo bem, fico feliz por você. Esta será uma experiência bem mastercard: não tem preço!

    Ah, e insentitive deficitivamente não combina com você rsrsrsr!

    Ah, tem notícias de Edu lá na minha página.


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