In the last few days I realized that my life is a puzzle. Actually, it is a puzzle that my father gave me to make, He had started giving me a very easy one and giving some instructions to help me.  He gave me a lot of these, so I have been practicing for years. His instructions were simple:

“Try another piece.”

“Carol, my sweetheart! You cannot fit more than 1 piece at the same time!”

“Honey! Don’t give up now, you’re almost finishing it.”

And it was with the easy one. But I think you will understand, in the beginning usually you get so excited that you are not able to think carefully about the goal of the “game”. After all I understood that my Dad only wanted to prepare me for a big puzzle that He was about to give me. Finally he gave me, I did not finish yet, it is really huge, but, the strangest thing is that He is telling me anything. He had told me everything I needed before, for, I could be ready and I could have learnt everything before. I just need to be practical.

I have learned some things, now I don’t want to put all the pieces at the same time, but I am “building” in parts my own puzzle. The last part I made was a picture of a girl and a man in box made of mirror, it seemed that the man was talking to the girl, she seemed just pale. It was really hard to figure the picture, too many pieces and small ones. But in the end I saw something really good: there was a reflex in the mirror, of the girl, and spite of being pale, she was smiling. It was a very beautiful picture.

In fact, for me the whole puzzle doesn’t make any sense. It is just a plenty of different pictures together, but my Father know why He gave me it. The last piece that I put was a briefcase and the face of a girl crying.

At least my Father loved me so much that He prepared me to receive this challenge! Thanks!


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